Pay more attention to parents every day—–Old people always like to go to the toilet, there may be urinary incontinence.Urinary incontinence is a common physical symptom, not a scary condition.Although the incidence rate is high, it can be cured with treatment.Urinary incontinence is not terrible.

No matter what kind of urinary incontinence, in addition to going to the hospital for treatment, there are also nursing measures, that is, using a suitable nursing product.Some common adult diapers on the market may be expensive and must be discarded after use, which may cause some unfriendly to the environment.But if I suggest that you can buy some reusable, high absorbency incontinence underwear for the elderly.Wearing incontinence diapers can be an effective method of management.

Regarding the service life of incontinence diapers—–Disposable diapers are usually disposable and need to be replaced after use. They are designed for single use to avoid cross contamination and maintain hygiene. However, reusable incontinence diapers, if used and cleaned properly, can withstand a certain amount of use. The specific service life depends on the material quality, design and individual usage habits. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper cleaning and maintenance of diapers will ensure their longevity.

For some temporary or short-term incontinence problems, wearing incontinence underwear can provide a temporary solution, help manage incontinence symptoms, and provide confidence and comfort.

Mild to moderate incontinence: Incontinence underwear are for people with mild to moderate incontinence problems. They have good absorbency and leak protection to effectively hold and control urine while keeping the skin dry and comfortable.People with reduced mobility or independent use of sanitation facilities: For those who are unable to use sanitation facilities independently due to reduced mobility or other reasons, wearing incontinence underwear can provide convenience and autonomy and reduce dependence on others.

incontinence underwear

Our incontinence underwear do offer some advantages over disposable diapers, such as better absorbency, leak protection, and comfort. They are usually designed and tested to meet the specific needs and comfort of people with incontinence.There are many options for absorbency, as well as the type of incontinence underwear.

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