We women may experience the same thing during our periods.What could that be?

“Oh, I ran out of my recently purchased pads/tampons and had to buy them again.” “Why are these menstrual hygiene products so expensive?”Well, our period panties can help you with that.Period underwear, also known as menstrual underwear, or care underwear, is a type of underwear designed specifically for women with absorptive and leak-proof functions.

With this period underwear, it can reduce the amount of money you spend on disposable menstrual hygiene products every month.In the long term, they may be cheaper than one-off period products.They may also be more environmentally friendly than disposable menstrual hygiene products.

period panties

Our period panties crotch is made of four layers of fabric, with moisture absorption, leak proof, breathable and other working properties.Such as cotton fabrics, cotton fabrics can absorb our menstrual blood very well, while keeping the crotch dry, providing comfort.Some women may also feel that in the hot summer, the use of some disposable sanitary napkins during menstruation will feel very hot, which will affect the whole person’s mood is not good.However, our period underwear will not give you a very stuffy feeling, wear this period physiological underwear during your period, wear the same as the ordinary underwear you wear every day.Cotton fabrics have natural breathability, which helps to maintain air circulation and reduce the possibility of odors and bacteria, so there is no need to worry about bacteria and odors.

period panties

You may also have such a question – “Then our menstrual blood will not flow out”, this you do not have to worry, our menstrual period underwear also uses anti-leakage technology, our menstrual period underwear in the crotch with breathable film, these films have waterproof and leakproof performance, can prevent blood penetration into the outside of the underwear, while maintaining breathable, improve comfort.

Our menstrual physiological underwear it is divided into mild, moderate, severe, super severe four absorption.At the same time, period underwear also has environmental advantages, it can reduce the use of disposable sanitary menstrual products,Therefore, we women can no longer rely on traditional disposable sanitary napkins or tampons when using during menstruation, which can reduce the demand for disposable products and reduce waste and resource consumption.


period panties

In addition, period underwear uses high-quality fabrics and manufacturing processes, and has a long service life. In contrast, disposable sanitary napkins can usually only be used once and need to be replaced, while period underwear can be used repeatedly, reducing the generation of waste.At the same time, the choice of period underwear instead of traditional products also promotes environmental awareness.

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