In ancient times, menstruation was not common for women, because adult women were either pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s either little girls or older women who menstruate regularly. So how did women get through their periods before pads and tampons?Even under the suppression and concealment of the entire patriarchal society, we women have found solutions very creatively: ancient Egyptian women used papyrus as tampons; Indian women cleverly used cedar bark, which is said to be It has an amazing ability to absorb water. In ancient China, aristocratic women would use soft menstrual belts. If they were ordinary people, most of them used relatively inferior coarse cloth, and filled these coarse cloth with plant ash for stoves. Although this plant ash is dirty, it has Extremely strong water absorption and drying capacity. In some historical periods, many women simply put a towel on, and some didn’t use it at all. To this day, women in some impoverished areas still cannot use menstrual hygiene products, and “menstrual poverty” still exists.At the beginning of the 20th century, European women used long cotton, gauze and other belts during menstruation, and fixed them with belts.Looking at today, there are endless categories of menstrual products, and the choices are becoming more and more diverse.However, reusable, four-layer absorbent physiological underwear may be more vigorously promoted and used. It may not be a problem to use it for three or four years if it is properly cleaned and preserved.

Period panties, also known as menstrual period underwear, menstrual underwear or nursing underwear, is a type of underwear specially designed for women with absorbent and leak-proof functions. It is designed to provide greater comfort and protection in response to the biological needs of women during their periods.

Period panties is usually composed of layers of special materials that can absorb the outflow of blood and have leak-proof properties. Some Period panties also has anti-odor, anti-bacterial and other functions to provide additional hygiene protection. The panties are designed to provide women with a more convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional sanitary pads or tampons.

The use of Period panties has gradually been widely recognized and accepted. They have some advantages over traditional sanitary napkins or tampons. First of all, Period panties can be reused, which reduces the dependence on disposable hygiene products and reduces environmental pollution. Second, Period panties is relatively thin, does not create a noticeable appearance, and provides a better fit, reducing discomfort and the possibility of leakage. Plus, panties offer longer-lasting protection, which is why some women choose to wear them when they have light to moderate periods.Period panties can really play a very good role in absorbing menstrual blood during women’s menstrual period.period panties

period panties

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