Physiological swimsuits are swimwear specifically designed to provide women with the comfort and confidence to swim during menstruation. It uses special materials and structures to meet women’s needs for blood absorption and protection during menstruation. Physiological swimsuits usually have the following characteristics:

1. Water-absorbing material: Physiological swimsuits are made of good water-absorbing materials, which can absorb and store menstrual blood. These materials can effectively prevent blood leakage and provide a comfortable swimming experience.
2. Waterproof layer: Physiological swimsuits usually use a special waterproof layer to prevent menstrual blood from seeping into the pool water. These waterproof layers keep blood out and keep your swimsuit dry.
3. Comfortable design: Physiological swimsuit adopts a close-fitting design to ensure comfortable wearing and swimming experience. They usually have the right amount of stretch and a good length to provide adequate coverage and support.
4. Detachable absorbent pad: Some physiological swimsuits are equipped with a detachable absorbent pad, which can be adjusted and replaced as needed. Such a design makes the swimsuit more flexible and able to adapt to individual needs. Using a physiological swimsuit allows women to continue to participate in swimming activities during menstruation while feeling comfortable and confident. They provide women with extra protection against leaks and less concern about blood.

In addition to some functions such as antibacterial and deodorant, there are also some physiological swimsuits that are resistant to chlorine. Polyester fiber is also one of the common fabrics in physiological underwear and physiological swimsuits. It has the characteristics of strong durability and good chlorine resistance, which can effectively resist the corrosion of chlorine and reduce the fading and damage of fabrics. Polyester fiber has good elasticity and durability, suitable for use in water activities. Physiological swimsuits allow women to continue enjoying swimming while menstruating while providing protection and confidence.

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