The design of period panties can bring the extra security that traditional underwear and menstrual hygiene products do not have, of course, this underwear brings much more than that! It is highly absorbent and stays dry to the skin like any other underwear, providing extreme comfort and the ability to wear it all day long. According to statistics, a woman will face her period about 400 times in her life.

How do period underwear work?

1. Absorbent layer: Period panties features multiple layers of absorbent fabric, usually made from a combination of natural fibers (such as cotton or bamboo) and synthetic materials with high absorbent capacity. This layer is placed in the crotch area of the underwear to effectively absorb menstrual blood.

2. Moisture absorption and leak barrier: The outermost layer of menstrual panties is designed to absorb moisture and leak. It helps prevent any liquid from leaking through the underwear and provides a layer of protection against leaks.

3. Odor control: Many period panties contain anti-bacterial or odor neutralization technologies to minimize the odor associated with menstruation. This helps keep the wearer feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

period panties

Do you know what a sanitary napkin can do to the environment?

First, we know that biodegradable materials are environmentally friendly. However, sanitary napkins are mainly composed of non-biodegradable materials. For example, polypropylene, the commonly used material for the surface layer, wing protection and bottom film of sanitary napkins, the main material to achieve the absorption performance of sanitary napkins, high water absorption molecules (SAP), and the hot melt adhesive that bonds the structure of various parts of sanitary napkins together.

Therefore, with the consumption of sanitary napkins, more and more non-biodegradable materials will accumulate in nature, gradually causing land pollution and water pollution. To alleviate this environmental problem, a growing number of people are offering a variety of solutions, including reusable menstrual underwear.The underwear looks the same as normal underwear, but it is actually made of multiple layers of materials, including absorbent layers and bacteria resistant fabrics. In the process of menstruation, women do not need to use sanitary napkins or tampons, only need to put on this underwear, after use, first soak and then wash, you can use repeatedly.

Period underwear set instant absorption, leak proof, antibacterial, environmental protection, comfortable five functions.

period panties

1. Instant suction: Period underwear usually uses highly absorbent materials, such as special fibers or absorbent layers, which can quickly absorb and lock menstrual blood and keep the pubic area dry and clean.

2. Leak-proof: Period underwear is designed with a leak-proof layer or additional leak-proof materials to make it have a better leak-proof ability and effectively prevent menstrual blood leakage.

3. Antibacterial: Some period underwear uses antibacterial treatment, such as adding antibacterial agents or using materials with antibacterial properties, which can effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction and maintain the hygiene and health of the private area.

4. Environmental protection: Compared with disposable sanitary napkins, one of the biggest advantages of period underwear is environmental protection. Because it can be used repeatedly, it reduces the generation of waste and reduces the burden on the environment. At the same time, some brands of period underwear also use recyclable materials or biodegradable materials to further reduce the impact on the environment.

5. Comfort: The design of period underwear takes into account the comfort of women, usually using soft, breathable, elastic materials. Its comfortable fit and breathability help reduce discomfort and provide a better wearing experience.

period panties

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