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4 Layers Absorbent Period Panties
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4 Layers Anti Leak Panties
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The first layer of the crotch is usually made of soft and hygroscopic fabric, with the most common being cotton fabric.Cotton fabric is widely used in physiological underwear and has the following advantages:

1. Moisture absorption: Cotton fabric is a natural fiber with good moisture absorption. It can quickly absorb the blood flowing out and disperse it throughout the fabric, keeping the crotch dry.

2. Air permeability: cotton fabric has good air permeability, allowing free air circulation. This helps regulate humidity and reduces the sensation of dampness. Breathability also helps to reduce the possibility of bacterial growth and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of underwear.

3. Softness and Comfort: Cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, with a gentle touch and is friendly to sensitive skin. It does not cause friction or irritation, providing better comfort to the wearer.

In addition, in addition to cotton fabric, other materials such as polymer composite materials (such as polyester fiber, nylon) can also be used for the first layer of the crotch of physiological underwear. These materials have fast drying properties and excellent wetting and dispersing ability, which can quickly absorb blood and disperse it in the fabric, maintaining dryness and comfort.

Overall, the selection of the first layer of fabric for the crotch of physiological underwear is usually based on cotton fabric, due to its excellent characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability, and comfort.

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