Built-in absorbent lining and Dri-Tech mesh for sustainable menstrual period swimsuits and menstrual period panties

With the continuous development of science and technology, the field of menstrual products is also constantly innovating.Menstrual period swimwear and menstrual period panties are also designed with built-in absorbent lining and Dri-Tech mesh structure.The specific principles and advantages of the built-in absorbent lining and Dri-Tech mesh structure provide women with a more comfortable and safe menstrual experience.

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Built-in absorbent lining

Absorbent material selection
The material used in the built-in absorbent lining is at the heart of the entire design. Efficient, sustainable absorbent materials are embedded into the fabric of menstrual period swimsuits and menstrual period underwear, ensuring that women’s menstrual secretions can be quickly absorbed, locked in and maintained during menstrual use.

Balance of breathability and comfort

One of the keys to the process is achieving a balance of breathability and comfort in the absorbent lining. Through sophisticated technology, the absorbent lining allows the skin to breathe naturally, avoiding moisture and discomfort, providing women with freshness and freedom all day long.

Anti-leak technology

The absorbent lining not only pursues high absorption capacity, but also uses anti-leakage technology, especially on the sides and back. This process ensures that even during exercise or different postures, period swimwear and period panties can effectively prevent the leakage of physiological secretions and provide all-round protection.

Dri-Tech mesh structure process

1. Rapid drying technology
Dri-Tech mesh uses an advanced, fast-drying technology. This technology uses a fine mesh structure to encourage air to flow through the fabric faster, allowing it to quickly evaporate moisture. This not only maintains the lightness of the product, but also achieves rapid drying in a short time, reducing women’s discomfort during use.

2. Breathable and sweat-wicking design
Another unique aspect of Dri-Tech mesh is its breathable and sweat-wicking design. Through reasonable grid arrangement, it ensures that the air can fully circulate and the perspiration channel is unobstructed during exercise. This design not only improves the functionality of menstrual products, but also provides women with a more comfortable wearing experience. Especially in the hot summer, you will not feel stuffy or uncomfortable when wearing it.

Advantages of built-in absorbent lining and Dri-Tech mesh

1. Improve comfort
The combination of built-in absorbent lining and Dri-Tech mesh allows menstrual period swimwear and menstrual period panties to provide a high level of absorption while keeping you dry and comfortable. This provides women with more options for activities during menstruation and is no longer bound by the menstrual cycle.

2. Anti-leak protection
The anti-leakage design specially targeted at the sides and back provides women with more comprehensive protection. Whether it is daily activities or water sports, this feature effectively alleviates women’s worries.

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3 Sustainable and environmentally friendly
Using sustainable absorbent materials and advanced drying technology, these products also have significant environmental advantages. The built-in absorbent lining and Dri-Tech mesh make a positive contribution to the promotion of sustainable lifestyles by reducing reliance on disposables.

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