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We may have heard or learned about certain cultural and traditional practices that may shock us. One of these is Chhaupadi, an illegal Hindu practice in the Indian region of Nepal that involves women and girls being isolated during menstruation. The tradition poses significant physical and mental health risks to women, with girls even dying in “menstrual huts” after trying to build fires to keep warm.

Maybe this is what we learned:Chhaupadi is a Hindu tradition that holds that women are impure and need to be segregated during menstruation.There’s also a dangerous menstrual hut.”Menstrual huts” are part of the Chhaupadi practice in which women are forced to spend their periods. Chhaupadi poses a serious risk to women’s physical and mental health.Nowadays, the world is progressing, science and technology is developing, the traditional customs which are not so good should disappear.

They are forced to leave their families and live in shacks, isolated from society. During this time, they face a variety of unfair treatment, including food restrictions, social rejection, and physical hygiene challenges. This bad habit not only harms women’s physical health, but also damages their minds and social status.

Challenge chhaupadi’s solution:The promotion and use of menstrual period panties

Period panties: Get rid of disposable hygiene products—–Our menstrual period panties, the production of materials used are through a number of authoritative certification, do not contain harmful to human health chemicals.Wear these menstrual period panties, you don’t need to buy those disposable menstrual hygiene products.

period panties

The benefits of wearing period panties:Maybe you just started to buy a pair of menstrual period panties need to spend a few dollars or ten or twenty dollars, then think about it, you buy disposable menstrual hygiene products every month may spend more money, disposable menstrual products after use, which will also cause pollution to our environment.But in the long run, they are a cost-effective option. Because they can last for years, they avoid the ongoing cost of purchasing disposable hygiene products.Reusable period panties reduce the need for disposable pads and tampons and reduce waste generation. Disposable sanitary napkins often contain plastics and other chemical components, which are difficult to degrade in the environment and create a burden on the environment. Reusable period panties can be used over and over again, reducing the amount of trash that is thrown away after a single use.

Reusable period panties are an environmentally friendly, affordable, healthy and comfortable option that has attracted more and more people to choose to use to replace traditional disposable hygiene products.We should choose more natural and healthier alternatives.Click: to learn more about period panties.

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