This is how we clean our menstrual panties

Immediately after you remove your menstrual panties, rinse them in cold water. Use cold water instead of hot water, as hot water may cause blood to clot and be difficult to clean. Try not to let the blood soak on the pants, but rinse directly with cold water until the water is clear.Keep in mind, however, that you can rinse with warm water, but not hot water.

Place the menstrual panties in the washing machine and choose a cold water laundry procedure. It is best to keep them in a laundry bag to prevent damage to the fabric or snagging other clothing. You can use regular laundry detergent or soap to clean, but it’s best to avoid fabric softeners as they may damage the material in your menstrual pants.For machine washing, choose a gentle cycle and appropriate temperature.

period panties

Detergent selection, for the cleaning of menstrual underwear, it is best to choose a mild detergent, such as low-irritating detergent without fragrance and pigment. Avoid detergents containing bleach, fluorescent agents, and strong alkaline or acidic ingredients, as they may damage the underwear fabric or be sensitive to skin.

It is not recommended to use bleach to clean menstrual underwear, which not only has an impact on the period underwear material, but also may cause harm to human health.

After cleaning, it is best to air the underwear in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally. If possible, expose yourself to the sun to kill bacteria and remove odors.Make sure they dry completely, then fold them or put them in a drawer for the next use.You see, our menstrual panties can be cleaned and reused.

period panties

If you are trying to wear our menstrual underwear for the first time, if you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us, menstrual pants usually have different absorption levels, according to your flow to choose the right type of pants and absorption capacity.

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