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One Girl is an organization dedicated to addressing gender inequalities faced by women, with a particular focus on menstrual health management and sexual health education.In some countries, including Sierra Leone and Uganda, women face many difficulties in managing their periods. Due to the lack of proper hygiene products, many women are forced to use unsanitary or unsafe alternatives, putting their health at risk. In addition, cultural stigma and social discrimination against menstruation have led to some girls experiencing discrimination while menstruating and not even being able to continue school.

period panties

One Girl aims to change this through education and access to knowledge, products and services. Their project, One Girl’s Launchpad, aims to provide girls and women with information about menstruation, sexual and reproductive health and rights through club education and leadership. These clubs act as community mobilizers, disseminating awareness and information about sexual health and gender equality to society as a whole.

period panties

The women’s Club leaders in the project (One Girl’s LaunchPad winner) not only provide menstrual hygiene education and reusable hygiene products, but also act as small scale enterprises. They sell these products to their communities, and 85% of their profits go directly back into education to support more girls’ education.

The impact of One Girl’s LaunchPad extends far beyond individual women. Through the knock-on effects of education and knowledge dissemination, these young women are able to communicate what they learn to other women in their communities, thereby fostering change throughout the community.

In view of the above problems, perhaps the promotion of period underwear is a potential and meaningful initiative.

Period underwear is a type of reusable and washable underwear specially designed for use during periods. They have the function of moisture absorption, leakage prevention and odor suppression, and can replace traditional sanitary napkins and tampons. By promoting period underwear, women will get better hygiene protection, reduce infection and health risks, and keep their bodies clean and healthy.

With the promotion of period underwear, relevant menstrual health education can be provided to link the correct use and maintenance of period underwear with women’s health. This education can help women understand the physiological process of menstruation, the importance of hygiene protection, and how to manage menstrual discomfort. Universal access to menstrual health education will enable women to better understand and manage their bodies and take responsibility for their own health.

Cultural stigma and social discrimination are serious problems for women in many countries. The promotion of period underwear can help change perceptions and attitudes towards menstruation and promote social understanding and respect for the female menstrual cycle. When women have reliable methods of managing their periods, their confidence and dignity will be enhanced and it will be easier for them to fight for equal rights and opportunities.

period panties

The promotion of period panties also has the advantage of sustainable development. Traditional disposable sanitary products produce a large amount of waste, which has a negative impact on the environment. Period underwear is reusable, can reduce the production of waste, reduce the demand for resources. In addition, the demand for period underwear will also promote the growth of related industries and employment opportunities, which will have a positive impact on the local economy.

The promotion of period underwear can bring many benefits, and trying this practice can bring a different experience.Our underwear, if kept properly, can last a year or so.

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