SAP (Superabsorbent Polymer) is a highly absorbent material that is often used in the manufacture of diapers, incontinence products, etc., to absorb liquids (such as urine) and keep them inside the material. SAP is a polymer compound, usually in the form of a powder or particle. It has excellent water absorption capacity and is able to quickly absorb large amounts of liquid and convert it into a gel.

The moisture absorption performance of SAP material is based on its internal porous structure. These porous structures are able to attract and hold the liquid through capillary action, absorbing it into the inside of the material, and preventing the liquid from overflowing. When urine comes into contact with the SAP material, the liquid is rapidly absorbed and converted into a gel, forming a stable structure that prevents urine regurgitation or leakage.

The use of SAP materials in incontinence diapers helps to provide a long-lasting dry feeling. It effectively locks in urine and keeps it away from the skin, thus reducing the risk of discomfort and moisture. This hygroscopic material has the ability to absorb liquids quickly, reducing the possibility of urine leakage and providing users with longer periods of comfort and protection.incontinence underwear

SAP’s molecular structure is made up of cross-connected polymer chains, a structure that gives it a tremendous ability to absorb water. When SAP comes into contact with urine, it absorbs the liquid by attracting and fixing water molecules. This is achieved through the following process:

1. Water absorption: SAP polymer chains have polar functional groups, such as carboxylate ions. When the water molecules in the urine enter the SAP structure, these polar groups form hydrogen bonds with the water molecules, causing the water molecules to be bound and adsorb to the SAP.

2. Expansion: Once SAP has absorbed enough water, its molecular chains will expand to form a gel-like structure. This expansion allows the SAP to hold a large amount of fluid, holding urine in the gel and thus preventing urine from returning to the surface of the skin.

3. Lock the liquid: SAP prevents leakage of urine by fixing it in its internal structure. SAP in this gel state does not release the absorbed liquid and remains stable even under physical extrusion.

These properties of SAP material make it ideal for the manufacture of incontinence diapers and incontinence products, as it can effectively absorb and retain fluids, keeping the user dry and comfortable.Incontinence underwear are designed to provide high absorption and have an anti-leakage effect. These designs will differ according to the differences in the physiological structure of men and women.

1. Male incontinence underwear design: Male incontinence diapers are usually designed with a protective diaphragm. This diaphragm is located in front of the crotch and is used to concentrate urine and prevent lateral leakage. In addition, male incontinence diapers may also have special designs, such as a wider waist and a longer skirt plate, to ensure a better fit and comfort.

2. Female incontinence underwear design: Female incontinence diapers usually have a wider crotch to fit the female physiological structure. They are usually softer and use softer elastic materials for a better fit. Similar to men’s designs, female incontinence diapers may also contain an anti-leakage diaphragm to prevent leakage of urine.

incontinence underwear

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