Period swimwear is specifically designed to provide additional support that women can wear during their periods, adjust their body shape and improve their swimming posture. They usually have the following characteristics:

1. Adjust the support: The physiological swimsuit uses a special structure and fabric to provide better support and retention, which helps to reduce the swing and friction during exercise, and is especially suitable for female athletes who need to participate in water training and competitions during menstruation.

2. Increase hydrodynamic power: The design of period swimwear can reduce drag, improve swimming posture and hydrodynamic efficiency, and thus increase swimming speed.

3. Body shaping effect: Period swimsuits usually have tight design, which can play the effect of body shaping, make the body line more smooth and provide a better appearance.

4. Increase comfort: The period swimsuit uses high-tech fabrics, which have good air permeability, quick drying and comfort, and can minimize friction and discomfort.period swimsuits

The fabrics used in period swimsuits usually include the following types:

1. Nylon (Nylon) : Nylon is a light, durable and fast drying fabric, which is mostly used in the production of swimsuits. It has good stretchability and resilience, and can provide a tight fit and good support.

2. Polyester: Polyester is a kind of synthetic fiber with high strength and durability. It is less hygroscopic to water and can quickly remove moisture from the body surface and achieve rapid drying. Polyester fabric has excellent durability and wrinkle resistance.

3. Spandex: Spandex is a highly elastic synthetic fiber with excellent elasticity and resilience. It is often used in blended fabrics of swimwear to increase its stretchability and adaptability, making the swimsuit fit the body better.

4. Polyester fiber (PET) : Polyester fiber is widely used in the manufacture of swimwear, which has fast drying, lightness and good durability. Polyester quickly removes sweat and moisture from the surface of the body, keeping it comfortable and dry.

5. Performance Fabrics: In addition to traditional fiber materials, there are more and more functional fibers, such as moisture wicking technology, anti-odor technology, anti-ultraviolet (UV) technology. These functional fibers can further enhance the performance of the physiological swimsuit, increasing comfort and protection.

period swimsuits

For women, the sudden arrival of the “period” during the holiday is a very disappointing thing, and going to the beach during the special period will make people feel very uncomfortable.Due to the use of special fabrics, menstruating girls will not feel stuffy and damp when wearing this swimsuit, even if they go swimming during their period, they will not leave an embarrassing “red mark” behind them.

Period swimsuits absorb fluids and lock them in. This way, the wearer who is menstruating will not feel wet. At the same speed, the dry layer also absorbs and expels sweat, reducing the growth of bacteria.

period swimsuits

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