Maternity underwear, give pregnant mothers the best pregnancy experience

The design and material selection of maternity underwear can play a comfortable, absorbent and protective wearing experience to help pregnant women through this special period after childbirth.Our maternity underwear is a sustainable and environmentally friendly maternity underwear.

Our maternity panties are designed to ensure comfort, water absorption and protection, and are designed to help pregnant women cope with postpartum bleeding, discharge and bladder leakage.There are many choices of sustainable and environmentally friendly lining materials for our maternity underwear, and these materials are all sustainable and environmentally friendly materials:

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Organic Cotton:Organic cotton is a type of cotton grown organically without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Its production process is environmentally friendly, and the cotton fiber itself has good water absorption, which is suitable for use as a water-absorbing lining material for our pregnant women’s underwear.

Bamboo Fiber:Bamboo fiber is a natural fiber that comes from the woody part of bamboo. It has natural antibacterial properties, strong water absorption, and bamboo growth rate is fast, is a renewable resource.

Modal:Modal is a fiber produced from natural wood, usually from willow, poplar, etc. It has the characteristics of high softness and good water absorption, and is an environmentally friendly fiber material.

Recycled Fibers:Recycled fibers can come from recycled cotton, polyester, nylon and other materials, which are processed and reused, reducing the demand for new raw materials, reducing resource consumption and environmental pollution.

Hemp Fiber:Hemp fiber comes from the stem of the cannabis plant, and it is a fast growing plant that does not require large amounts of fertilizers and pesticides. Hemp fiber has good water absorption properties and is also an environmentally friendly choice.Maternity underwear is lined with a highly absorbent material designed to absorb postpartum secretions, bleeding, and possible bladder leakage. This material is able to stay dry, provide comfort, and reduce the wearer’s discomfort.

When choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly lining materials, in addition to choosing reliable materials, we will also pay attention to the water absorption and leak-proof effect of pregnant women’s underwear.There may be some pregnant women who have urine leakage and other conditions after childbirth, and our maternity underwear provides some help in terms of absorption strength and leakage prevention.

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Protection function:This design helps protect the wearer from excessive discharge, blood or bladder leakage after delivery, providing a comfortable wearing experience for pregnant women while reducing the need for disposable maternity pads.And the most important point is that the highly absorbent lining material of maternity underwear can replace the traditional disposable maternity liner, which is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more comfortable, because it provides more durable water absorption and moisture absorption properties.


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