Menstrual underwear of sustainable environmental materials of renewable fiber

Our menstrual underwear products are made of sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics.For example, the production of recycled fibers.The production of recycled fibers involves multiple steps, from the recovery of raw materials to the final fiber product.

Do you know the raw materials of recycled fibers?

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Those raw materials may be what we come into contact with and see in our daily life.Waste cotton fabric, waste polyester clothing, waste nylon, etc. These raw materials usually come from discarded textiles, clothing, industrial waste, etc. It’s then taken back and sorted and sanitized to get rid of impurities and dirt. This usually involves removing zippers, buttons, fabric residue, etc., and washing to remove stains and dirt.These are cleaned and sorted before moving on to the next step – pulverizing or cutting into small pieces.

The next step is to dissolve and spin:This is a key step in the manufacture of recycled fibers. The clean raw material is heated and dissolved, and then converted into fibers by a special spinning process. The specific process depends on the type of recycled fiber used, such as recycled cotton, recycled polyester or recycled nylon.The resulting fibers are then stretched and strengthened by drawing, heat treatment or chemical treatment to improve their strength and stability.

The recycled fiber can be spun into yarn and then woven into fabric, or spun directly into textile fabric, depending on the demand for the final product.The final fiber product may need to undergo dyeing, finishing, styling, and other post-processing steps to meet specific performance and appearance requirements.

period panties

The production process of recycled fibers is committed to reducing the need for new raw materials, reducing resource consumption and environmental pollution. This helps to extend the life of raw materials and reduce waste accumulation while providing an environmentally conscious material choice. Different types of recycled fiber manufacturing processes may vary slightly, but the overall principle is to reprocess discarded fiber materials into new usable materials. The fabric selection of our menstrual underwear is made of sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics.

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