Silver materials in sustainable menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear

The purpose of adding substances such as silver to menstrual period underwear and menstrual period swimwear is to inhibit bacterial growth, reduce odor and provide antibacterial properties.

Different manufacturers may use different types of silver materials, including nanosilver, silver copper zeolite, silver zinc zeolite, silver chloride or Agion, etc. However, these materials have also given rise to some controversy and concern.

Nanosilver: Nanosilver are microscopic particles of silver that have powerful antibacterial properties. However, some studies have shown that silver nanoparticles may have potential impacts on the environment and health, as they may enter water sources and ecosystems, causing ecological problems.

Antibacterial principle:Contact reaction antibacterial mechanism: silver ions contact reaction, causing damage to the common components of microorganisms or causing dysfunction. When a trace amount of silver ions reaches the microbial cell membrane, because the latter is negatively charged, it relies on Coulomb attraction to firmly adsorb the two. The silver ions penetrate the cell wall and enter the cell, and react with SH groups to coagulate the protein and destroy the cell synthesis enzyme. activity, the cells lose their ability to divide and proliferate and die. Silver ions can also damage microbial electronic transmission systems, respiratory systems and material transmission systems.

Inorganic antibacterial agents:Inorganic antibacterial agents mainly refer to antibacterial agents formed by using metals such as silver, copper, zinc, or their ions to be attached to porous materials using methods such as ion exchange, physical adsorption, alloying, or combination. Inorganic antibacterial agents utilize the antibacterial ability of metal ions to achieve long-lasting antibacterial effects through sustained release.

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From a sustainability perspective, these additions can cause some problems. For example, the production and use of silver nanoparticles may be associated with excessive consumption of energy and resources. Additionally, these additives may affect the recyclability of pants and swimsuits.
Manufacturers may consider these issues in product design and take measures to ensure product safety and environmental protection. However, some irresponsible manufacturers may use cheap or inadequately tested additives, causing health and environmental problems.

Our menstrual underwear and menstrual swimsuits are quality and safe, using materials and manufacturing methods that are harmless to the environment and the human body.

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