Eco-friendly menstrual period panties: DryTec™ technology and VPL

What is DryTec™ Technology?

DryTec™ technology is an advanced textile process centered on a 4-layer rayon component derived from wood pulp. This special material not only ensures the briefs have excellent moisture-wicking properties, but also neutralizes odors, providing all-day comfort for menstruating wearers. This innovative technology makes menstrual period underwear no longer a simple functional garment, but a product that combines fashion and technology.It is characterized by sweat-absorbent, quick-drying and breathable. The principle of this fabric is very simple.Make sure the material you choose is skin-friendly and moisture-wicking and breathable to provide long-lasting comfort.

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VPL’s elimination and four-way stretch for comfort:VPL, or Visible Panty Line, is the mark left by traditional underwear when worn. The seamless design of DryTec™ technology, made of 81% regenerated nylon, provides comfortable four-way stretch for the underwear, perfectly fits the body shape, and completely eliminates the problem of VPL. This means you can feel confident wearing these menstrual briefs without any unsightly lines.Our menstrual underwear will not show any obvious marks when worn. Our designs take into account women’s anatomy to ensure comfort and fit when worn.

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The material selection of our menstrual period underwear is made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, in line with the needs of modern consumers for environmentally friendly products. DryTec™ technology comes from others’ in-depth research on natural materials, especially the application of wood pulp fibers. This respect and reference for nature makes DryTec™ technology unique in the underwear production industry.

The innovation of menstrual period panties is inseparable from the continuous evolution of technology. The use of DryTec™ technology makes this type of underwear a huge breakthrough in moisture wicking, comfort and appearance. Manufacturers also focus on ensuring that products provide more diverse and environmentally friendly choices while ensuring health. Nowadays, choosing a menstrual period panties that suits you is not only about caring for your body, but also the common pursuit of fashion and technology.

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