Chlorine and salt resistance in sustainable reusable period swimwear

Our period swimwear will use high-performance synthetic materials, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU). These materials can better resist the corrosion of chlorine and salt and extend the service life of the swimsuit. We understand that some swimming pools may use some chlorine substances for cleaning.

Some period swimwear are made from chlorine-resistant polyester fabric. This material is more resistant to chlorine, which can slow down fading and material fatigue caused by frequent swimming in chlorine-containing pools, which can also extend the life of menstrual swimwear. Special dyeing technology is added to the fabric to ensure that the color of the swimsuit remains long-lasting and does not fade easily when exposed to chlorine water for a long time.

period swimwear

To increase salt resistance, swimsuits may be specially coated or treated to make them more resistant to salt in seawater and reduce damage caused by salt erosion. Our menstrual period swimwear may also feature sun protection to protect the skin from UV rays, especially when basking in the sun at the beach or poolside. Every step of our menstrual period swimwear, from fabric selection to finished product, is carried out by the concept of sustainable development, which protects the environment and ensures that it is harmless to human health. Click to learn more about period swimwear.

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