Sustainable SAP material in period panties

The bio-based source of degradable SAP is usually plant starch or other renewable materials. The bio-based source of traditional SAP materials is mainly petroleum sources. The transition from petroleum sources to bio-sources helps reduce dependence on non-renewable resources. The source selection of menstrual period underwear is in line with the concept of sustainable development. I have seen some news materials on the Internet saying that chitosan is extracted from seafood waste, citric acid  and  urea. Each 1g of this new SAP can absorb 1.25kg of water, so the sustainable SAP material is widely used in the production and manufacturing of our menstrual period underwear.

This degradable and sustainable SAP material breaks down naturally over time through biological processes. This is in sharp contrast to traditional SAP, which does not biodegrade easily and causes environmental pollution. Compared with disposable menstrual products, our menstrual period underwear can be used for a long time if properly cleaned and properly stored after use.

period panties

Biodegradable materials help reduce waste in landfills because they break down more easily than non-biodegradable materials. The materials used to make disposable menstrual products are generally made of materials that are difficult to decompose. It takes a long time to decompose in landfills after being discarded. However, the SAP material used in menstrual period underwear is easy to decompose and will not causing pollution to the environment.

SAP materials are in line with the concept of sustainable development from source to final use. Some degradable SAP may be suitable for composting, providing environmentally friendly disposal options. Compost breaks down materials into natural components, which helps to enrich the soil. The fertility of the soil increases, which is beneficial for the growth of plants or vegetation or crops.

This continuous cycle not only protects the environment ,  but also protects the human environment to a certain extent through this series of measures.If you want to know more about menstrual period underwear and menstrual period swimwear, you can click to know more.

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