Please put a woman’s period in perspective

Menstruation is an important stage in a woman’s cycle that requires special attention and care. In different cultures and religions, there are some taboos and restrictions on menstruation. Although in Western societies, there has been a trend towards openness and acceptance of periods, in other countries and regions, some women are still ostracized and restricted because of their periods.

In Western countries such as Australia, where periods are no longer considered taboo, women are given education and support about periods in schools and society.Historically, women have had relatively few periods. In prehistoric times, women only experienced about 50 periods in their lifetime, while modern women in Western cultures typically experience about 450 periods. This is due to the better living conditions and health of modern women, in contrast, modern women in agricultural areas typically only experience about 150 periods. Despite the increased number of periods, modern women can often rely on running water and good health care for better living conditions.

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In some countries, such as India, there are certain taboos and prejudices about women’s periods. In Hindu mythology, in the story of the god Indra, Indra kills a Brahmin, causing some natural disasters on Earth, and it is seen as a “curse” for women to menses. These beliefs persist in modern times, leading to exclusion, discrimination and even violence against some women.

In Judaism, the period is called “Niddah” and has a series of rules and customs. According to the teachings of Judaism, women who are menstruating are defined as unclean, they cannot have sex with their husbands during this time, and in some Orthodox Jewish traditions, they cannot enter synagogues.

Menstruation can have a significant impact on women around the world, as well as the religion they practice. It is very important to have a correct understanding and education of menstruation, eliminate the shame and pressure of menstruation, and find suitable menstrual hygiene products and treatment methods.Some countries and regions, especially those with discrimination and prejudice against women’s periods, should not hold this idea and should be viewed correctly, OK?Breaking the taboos and prejudices related to menstruation and safeguarding the rights and dignity of women during menstruation is an important task to build an inclusive and equal society.

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They have some advantages. First of all, period underwear can be reused, reducing the reliance on disposable sanitary products and reducing environmental pollution. Second, period underwear is relatively thin, does not produce a noticeable appearance, and provides a better fit, reducing the possibility of discomfort and leakage. In addition, period underwear is also able to provide sustained protection for a longer period of time, so some women choose to use them for light to moderate menstrual volume.


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