Biodegradable packaging for our sustainable menstrual period panties


Biodegradable bags are an environmentally friendly option that offers some important advantages over traditional plastic bags.We will provide you with some biodegradable bags of period underwear.

Common degradable packaging materials:

Biodegradable plastics: This material is made from biodegradable raw materials, such as corn starch, cellulose, etc. They break down into natural substances such as water and carbon dioxide under the right conditions, such as moderate humidity and temperature.

Starch-based plastics: Starches can be used to make degradable plastics, often mixed with polymers such as polylactic acid. The material can also degrade in the natural environment.

Polylactic acid (PLA) : PLA is a polymer made from starch of plant origin. It is a biodegradable plastic suitable for applications such as making packaging bags.

Biodegradable paper bags: Some bags are made from biodegradable paper, which is a natural, biodegradable material.

Oxidation-degradable plastics: These plastic bags contain additives that cause them to break down under the influence of oxygen and the natural environment.

Our menstrual underwear is in line with the environmental protection concept of sustainable development, in the packaging of physiological underwear, especially in the provision of packaging bags, we will fit the concept of sustainable development, environmental protection, and will also use some degradable packaging bags to package our period underwear.



Environmental protection: Biodegradable packaging bags are biodegradable, which means they can decompose naturally within a certain period of time, reducing the burden on the environment. Unlike traditional plastic bags, they do not exist in the environment for a long time, causing pollution of land and water.

Waste reduction: Because biodegradable bags can be broken down, they reduce the use of landfills and the need for waste incineration. This helps reduce waste generation and pressure on waste disposal facilities.

Resource conservation: Relatively few materials are usually used in the production of degradable packaging bags, so the demand for raw materials can be reduced, contributing to the sustainable use of resources.

Public awareness: The use of biodegradable packaging helps raise public awareness of environmental issues and encourages people to adopt more environmentally friendly shopping and packaging choices.Click learn more period panties.

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