Some women may experience menstrual pain, anxiety and other conditions during their period, so managing your period and staying healthy at work is a common challenge.

1.You can choose apps that will help you track and alert you to your period, anticipate it and prepare for it in advance so you can schedule your work and activities to accommodate your period.

2. Manage pain: If you experience pain during your period, try pain relief methods such as a hot compress, massage, or using a hot water bag. If the pain is severe and affecting your productivity, consult a doctor about possible pain management methods.

3. Eat regularly: Maintaining a regular diet helps keep your body’s energy levels stable. Try to avoid excessive hunger or overeating by choosing healthy, digestible foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole wheat breads, and lean meats.

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4. Exercise breaks: Try to avoid sitting still for long periods of time. Get up regularly to stretch and walk around. This helps to relax the body and refresh the mind. Find relaxation methods that work for you, such as yoga, meditation, reading, or listening to music. Taking short breaks at work and practicing deep breathing or relaxation exercises can help restore energy and relieve tension.

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