There are so many breastfeeding underwear on the market, how can we choose the one that suits us?

1. Choose a comfortable material :On skin affinity and comfort, pure cotton is the material of choice for breastfeeding underwear.The biggest advantage of cotton underwear is that it absorbs moisture.Under the premise of ensuring the supporting force, try to choose a light and cool style, or a breastfeeding underwear with a coaster with a porosity and a strong sweat absorption of the overall fabric.

2. Choose no steel ring, soft high elastic, less binding:During pregnancy and lactation, the breast will become very sensitive, especially in the first few days after childbirth, which will feel painful when touched. Remember not to wear undergarments with underwire during this period.

3. Choose breast-friendly underwear styles:At present, the breastfeeding underwear on the market, there are several kinds of breastfeeding mouth design: cross-type, front button type, window type, full opening type (full flip).

One is the upward opening type. There is a hook on the shoulder strap of the underwear, when you need to untie the hook, and you can hang it after breastfeeding. The advantage of this design is that the bearing force is better and the operation is convenient.

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The second is the front opening: it is in the middle of the underwear or the shoulder strap has an opening, but when the cup is lifted, only a relatively small area is exposed. The advantage is that the shelter is higher, and it is more convenient to go out to breastfeed.

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The third is the cross type: the operation is a relatively simple style, the underwear can be fed along the neckline, but the shoulder strap and the neckline are easy to deform, and the cross type is generally vest type underwear, and the bearing force is not good enough.

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4.It’s best not to choose pure white :You treasure mom thinks, isn’t white cleaner? In fact, pure white is more likely to contain bleach, and long-term contact with the skin may be harmful to the baby’s health. In fact, skin tone, light gray and other colors are good choices.

5. Underwear needs to be changed frequently:Mothers remember to replace in time, if the underwear has deformation, odor, wash not clean, must be decisively discarded. Also according to the changes in the size of their breasts, timely change the size, choose comfortable, fit breastfeeding underwear.

Why do pregnant mothers wear nursing underwear?

The whole pregnancy is also extremely hard for women, in addition to the need for careful care in many aspects; In addition to paying attention to diet and strengthening nutrition, the breast will continue to grow during pregnancy, become extremely sensitive and even painful, and if it passes through tight underwear, it will affect the proliferation and development of the breast, resulting in postpartum no milk or less milk; If it is too loose, it will also affect the development of the chest, causing sagging, etc., so pregnant mothers should replace different sizes of breastfeeding underwear in time according to their own changes at different stages of pregnancy.

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