Every woman wears underwear. The choice of underwear texture and the time of wearing underwear are closely related to health. Ask yourself, would you wear underwear?

Choice of underwear texture:

The most essential issue of underwear is to be inclusive to effectively support the breasts and buttocks. Whether underwear has this characteristic or not will involve the material and structure of the material that makes up the underwear. We can see that about 80% of the underwear sold at the underwear counter is made of knitted fabrics, and the rest are lace-like, mesh-like, and other organizational structures. Whether silk, cotton, chemical fiber, or blended, knitted underwear has stretching solid force. Of these fabrics, knitted cotton is the most elastic and durable.

How to wear a new bra:

Wearing new underwear without washing it is not good for your health. This is because many kinds of chemical additives are often used in the production process of clothing for the sake of beauty. Such as anti-shrinkage, mostly formaldehyde resin treatment; whitening, mostly fluorescent whitening agent treatment; crisp, general sizing treatment. To ensure health, it is better to wash the newly purchased underwear with clean water before wearing it.

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What are the rules for wearing a bra:

During normal work, because of frequent activities, choose a comfortable and soft standard bra. This wrap-up, underwired bra can be worn on any type of breast. The life of a bra is the sideline under the cup. If the sideline is loose, it will destroy the curve of the chest, so you should pay more attention to it. The same is true for underwear, which must be neatly wrapped from the waist to the end of the buttocks, so be sure to choose underwear with good stretchability. Some underwear will embed into the buttocks as long as they move, and this kind of underwear will destroy the curve of the buttocks. Therefore, it is best to choose knitted underwear with two strands of cotton and stretchability. the

Message: Wearing healthy and suitable underwear is not only visually beautiful but also a guarantee of women’s health. To learn to be a healthy and happy woman, one must start with small things and take every detail of life seriously.

Is the bra you are wearing right now?

Do you want to show your strengths or expose your weaknesses? When choosing underwear, it is very important to determine what breast shape and body shape you belong to. Ready? Let’s find your 100% underwear together.

Small-breasted women: For small-breasted girls with an A cup, it is recommended that you wear a 3/4 cup with a steel ring. If you want your breasts to look bigger, you may wish to wear B cup underwear and make your breasts look bigger. The surrounding flesh is all concentrated in the cup, which has the effect of becoming bigger visually.

In addition, girls with different body types and small breasts have different choices of underwear. For example, girls with slightly fat bodies are suitable for wearing underwear with a wider bust or soft steel wires on both sides of the armpit. , Concentrate excess underarm flesh.

Slender girls with small breasts, because the ribs are more prominent, to prevent the steel wire from pressing on the ribs due to movement, you can choose underwear with a 3/4 cup, and padded and seamless underwear are also good choices.

Girls with a large bust are suitable for wearing full-coverage underwear. In addition to covering the entire chest, the side design of the underwear can support the plump upper circumference and prevent the bust from sagging!

If you are a big-breasted girl who is slightly fat, wearing full-cup underwear with a wider bust is quite suitable, because it can fix the fat under your bust and underarms, and the dark spots behind the underwear The buckle design can also fix underarm fat.

Slender girls with big breasts need to bear more pressure on the spine, so when choosing underwear, pay special attention to whether the underwear can fully support the full bust. Women with large breasts. When buying underwear, you don’t have to think too much about the brand. Some brands that look good are fancy, not very practical, and the price is relatively expensive. Choose according to the actual situation.

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