Incontinence underwear, environmentally sustainable underwear that can absorb urine and lock it in well

Did you know that Harvard researchers were awarded $1.6 million to reverse urinary incontinence?
A University of Houston researcher is working to reverse pelvic floor dysfunction that can lead to urinary incontinence, a condition that affects 30-60% of women and 5-15% of men.Urinary incontinence is a common health problem, especially among women.

incontinence underwear

Women will experience incontinence at some point in their lives, but many often stay silent out of confusion or embarrassment, which causes them to feel isolated.Incontinence is not a single disease, but there are different types. There are two main types:

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the most common form of urinary incontinence in women and is associated with involuntary incontinence that occurs during exercise or activities such as sneezing, coughing, or exercise. The condition is associated with pregnancy and aging and affects the pelvic floor, a set of muscles that extend from the pubic bone to the tailbone to help with self-control.

Urge incontinence: This type of incontinence is characterized by a sudden and unpredictable urge to urinate strongly, accompanied by a small or large leak of urine. Sometimes it is necessary to go to the bathroom frequently, both day and night. The condition is more common in women who are overweight, have neurological conditions such as diabetes, dementia or stroke, and is often associated with bladder spasms.Our incontinence underwear is also a great way to help with this kind of inadvertent leakage.

For different degrees and types of incontinence problems, incontinence underwear is a solution. Compared to disposable adult diapers, incontinence underwear has the advantage of being rewashed and reused.

incontinence underwear

Absorbent Layer:

Absorbent materials: The absorbent layer of incontinence underwear is usually made of highly absorbent materials, such as superabsorbent polymers or natural fibers (such as cotton), which are able to quickly absorb and lock urine, preventing leakage.

Fast absorption: The absorption layer is designed so that urine can be absorbed quickly, preventing urine from resting on the surface of the underwear and keeping the user’s skin dry.

Stay dry: A high quality absorbent layer quickly disperses urine, keeping underwear dry and providing comfort.

Leakage Protection:

Elastic edges: Incontinence underwear usually has an elastic edge that fits the curve of the body and reduces the risk of leakage.

Seals: Some incontinence underwear may be equipped with leak-proof seals, usually located on the legs or waist, to prevent urine from leaking out from the edges.Leak-proof seals for incontinence underwear are usually made of elastic material to ensure a tight seal and reduce urine leakage from the edges.Elastomeric rubber/elastomeric polymer band: Many incontinence underwear use elastomeric rubber or elastomeric polymer band as a seal, this material is very soft and has good elasticity to ensure that the underwear fits tightly to the body and reduces the risk of leakage. These bands are usually stitched to the edge of the underwear, creating a tight seal.In the underwear manufacturing process, thermocompression sealing technology can be used to firmly fix the seal to the edge of the underwear. This technique uses thermal pressure to bond the seal to the material of the underwear, creating an effective seal.

3D tailoring: The design of the underwear may adopt 3D tailoring technology to ensure a good fit and reduce the possibility of leakage.

Absorption layer diffusion technology: Some advanced incontinence underwear use absorption layer diffusion technology to evenly distribute urine to the entire absorption layer, improve absorption efficiency and reduce the risk of leakage.

Waterproof outer layer: Some incontinence underwear also comes with a waterproof outer layer to prevent urine from penetrating the outside of the underwear.

Does not affect breathability: Although underwear needs to be leak-proof, it is usually designed to ensure breathability so that the skin can breathe and stay comfortable.Incontinence underwear, environmentally sustainable underwear that can absorb urine and lock it in well.

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