PUL materials in reusable menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear

What is PUL material?

Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) is a synthetic material commonly used to provide water and moisture resistance.It is a fabric, usually polyester but sometimes cotton, that is covered with one (sometimes 2) layers of polyurethane to make it waterproof.It is a relatively lightweight fabric. It also usually has a slight stretch. It won’t wear out, won’t wrinkle easily, dries quickly when wet, and won’t stain easily.

Polyurethane is even more durable than thermoplastics, so as a coating it’s very durable. Combined with a polyester fabric that is inherently strong, tear-resistant, and resistant to damage from repeated washing and wear, the combination makes the fabric long-lasting.

However, due to some concerns that the plastic films and polyurethane laminates in PUL may harbor bacteria, fungi, and germs, some manufacturers of sustainable menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear have chosen not to use PUL and instead use other materials.

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The basic composition and properties of PUL materials:

1. Composition: PUL is usually composed of a film of polyester or nylon and a polyurethane coating.
2. Waterproof: The design of PUL makes it have excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties, suitable for products such as swimsuits that need to block moisture.

Our menstrual period underwear and menstrual period swimwear are made of 100% breathable fabrics, usually organic cotton, bamboo fiber or recycled fiber, to ensure comfort and air circulation.To avoid concerns that PUL may cause, menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear use other technologies such as seamless gussets instead of traditional PUL laminates.Menstrual period panties and period swimwear may have integrated antimicrobial treatments, such as zinc oxide infusions, to inhibit bacterial growth and reduce odor.

When manufacturing menstrual underwear and menstrual swimsuits, we choose sustainable materials and avoid using materials that may have a negative impact on the environment.

Instead of traditional PUL lamination technology, seamless gusset technology such as zinc oxide injection is used to provide antibacterial and breathable effects.Some manufacturers have developed more environmentally friendly lamination technologies that ensure water resistance while reducing environmental impact.If you are interested in our menstrual period underwear and menstrual swimsuit, you can clickhttps://www.hongyiundies.com/ to know more.


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