Zinc oxide in ecofriendly reusable sustainable menstrual period panties

Many bacterial and viral infections are caused by contact, especially pathogenic bacteria present on the surface of fabrics that can cause severe skin infections through direct contact with the human body, and in some cases can even lead to serious illness. In terms of function and application, clothing can be said to be the second layer of skin for humans. Therefore, it is necessary to use antibacterial textiles that can prevent the growth of microorganisms and even kill them. Antibacterial textiles play an important role in medical and daily protection.

As another option, nano-antibacterial materials have become a hot topic in the antibacterial field because they can avoid the problem of bacterial resistance. As an inorganic antibacterial agent, zinc oxide has excellent antibacterial properties, is safe and stable, and has great application prospects in the field of biological environment.

Using zinc oxide-infused seamless gussets and fabrics with antibacterial and deodorizing properties in menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear can offer many benefits.

period panties


Zinc oxide is a mineral widely used in medical and personal care products.Injecting zinc oxide into the crotch fabric of menstrual period underwear can inhibit bacterial growth while contacting the skin, reducing the risk of possible infection caused by bacteria.In addition, zinc oxide also has deodorizing properties, which can help reduce the odor caused by bacteria, so you won’t feel a bloody smell when wearing our menstrual period panties during menstruation.

The selection of fabrics is also very important in the production and manufacturing of menstrual period underwear.Sustainably sourced fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, or recycled fibers like recycled polyester or regenerated nylon are all good options. Not only are these fabrics comfortable, they’re also skin-friendly and can be complemented with zinc oxide technology for more comprehensive protection.Moreover, some fabrics will undergo special treatment, such as adding antibacterial agents, which can enhance their antibacterial ability and reduce the growth of bacteria.Some fabrics are also specially processed to absorb or neutralize odors produced by the body, thereby keeping the clothes fresh and comfortable.

Helps reduce bacterial growth, mitigate odor, and ensure cleanliness and comfort during your menstrual cycle. At the same time, choosing sustainable fabrics can also help reduce the impact on the environment and promote environmental protection concepts.You can clickhttps://www.hongyiundies.com/to know more about period panties.

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