Antibacterial treatment technology for reusable sustainable menstrual period underwear and menstrual period swimwear

Antibacterial treatment technology uses zeolite, silver and copper ions, combined with advanced nanotechnology, to ensure that the application on menstrual period underwear and period swimwear can effectively inhibit bacterial growth and reduce odor, while being harmless to human health and the environment. We have been committed to providing high-performance, safe and reliable products.

period panties

Some ingredients in antimicrobial treatment technologies:

1. Zeolite: Zeolite is a natural mineral with good adsorption capacity. It effectively absorbs bacteria and prevents their growth, thereby reducing microbial activity that can cause odor.
2. Silver ions: Silver has strong antibacterial properties. Silver ions can destroy the cell membrane structure of bacteria and inhibit the proliferation of bacterial cell membrane structures, thereby reducing the production of odor.
3. Copper ions: Copper ions are also widely used in antibacterial treatments. It has the ability to disrupt bacterial cell membranes, helping to limit bacterial growth and thereby reduce odor development.

Our antibacterial treatment technology uses advanced nanotechnology to ensure that zeolite, silver and copper ions are evenly attached to the fabric fibers to form a long-lasting, highly effective antibacterial layer.This layer not only continuously releases antibacterial ingredients during wear, but is also washable and durable to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Our antimicrobial treatment technology undergoes rigorous biocompatibility testing to ensure it is non-irritating to the skin and will not cause allergic or uncomfortable reactions during actual wear.Such as the biocompatibility certification of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to prove its safety to the human body and the environment.To learn more about menstrual period panties and period swimwear click.

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