The revolutionary use of BCI cotton in sustainable menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear

The origin of BCI cotton:BCI cotton, or Better Cotton Initiative cotton, is a cotton variety that promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. BCI is committed to improving the environmental, social and economic sustainability of global cotton production by educating farmers to adopt more responsible agricultural methods, reducing pesticide use, promoting water management and improving labor conditions. Therefore, BCI cotton is considered a commitment to environmental friendliness and social sustainability.

BCI cotton is the main fabric used in the crotch layer of our menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear.

Application of BCI cotton in menstrual period panties

period panties
In the manufacture of menstrual underwear, BCI quilts are widely used in the bottom cotton layer. This layer is the part in direct contact with the skin. Because it is in direct contact with the skin, the selection of fabrics is very strict. BCI cotton not only has excellent water absorption properties, ensuring the efficient moisture absorption and perspiration of the underwear, but also has environmental protection properties. In line with modern women’s pursuit of sustainable fashion.

Innovative application of BCI cotton in period swimwear

period swimwear
As an ideal choice for women when swimming, period swimwear also benefit from the application of BCI cotton. Not only does this sustainable cotton perform well in water, it also provides comfort while maintaining absorbency. The natural breathability of BCI cotton allows menstrual period swimwear to stay fresh and dry when swimming. It not only meets women’s pursuit of beauty, but also pays attention to the comfortable experience of women during their menstrual period.Therefore, it is not a problem to go to the beach during menstruation.

Specific characteristics of BCI cotton

1. Water absorption: BCI cotton has good water absorption and is an ideal material choice. It can effectively deal with secretions during menstruation, absorb menstrual blood well, and ensure dryness and comfort.
2. Environmentally friendly and sustainable: BCI cotton’s planting method emphasizes respect for the environment, helps reduce the burden on land and water resources, and is in line with modern women’s concern for environmental protection.
3. Breathability: The natural breathability of BCI cotton makes menstrual underwear and menstrual swimsuits more comfortable when worn, avoiding the feeling of moisture and airtightness.

The use of BCI cotton is not only caring for women’s physiological needs, but also an active practice of environmental protection concepts.It brings a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle to modern women. Choosing BCI cotton is choosing a fashion choice that is responsible for yourself and the earth.If you have more questions about our menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear, please contact us or click to know more.


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