Exercise is very important for postpartum women to help them recover their physical health and mental state.

Exercise as long as you can take care of your baby and your own physical condition allows.If a C-section is performed, it is usually necessary to wait at least 6 weeks before you can start exercising again. Starting exercise too early can have a negative impact on recovery. During this time, you can do some light walking and other low-intensity activities to help the body gradually recover. However, it is better to proceed according to your own physical condition and the doctor’s advice.

Maternity pants

Postpartum women need to pay attention to changes in pelvic floor muscles. Some exercises put a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to problems such as incontinence. Combined with daily Kegel exercises, you can gradually restore the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.Postpartum incontinence is a common problem that occurs after childbirth.The process of childbirth has caused severe fatigue to the maternal body, especially on the pelvic floor muscles and sphincter. The relaxation and loss of tension of these muscles may lead to incontinence.

If vaginal delivery is used, especially if perineotomy is required, it can cause trauma to the pelvic floor muscles and sphincter muscles. This trauma can lead to a decline in muscle function, which can trigger incontinence.After giving birth, a woman’s hormone levels change dramatically. Falling estrogen levels may cause the tissue of the urethra and urethral sphincter to thin and weaken, further increasing the risk of incontinence.

If you have incontinence or lochia, you can choose to wear some menstrual underwear, incontinence diaper, these underwear surface and our daily ordinary underwear look the same, but they are made of some special fabrics, they are comfortable to wear, breathable, and can be reused after cleaning, if clean and preserved well, We can wear our underwear for a year or so.

incontinence underwear

Incontinence underwear can be used as an adjunctive treatment option to help women manage incontinence problems. These underwear are usually made of special fabrics that are absorbent and leak-proof, and can absorb different amounts of urine, thus keeping the vaginal area dry and comfortable.This type of underwear is thicker and designed to absorb menstrual blood or urine.The main role of incontinence underwear is to provide an additional layer of protection and reduce the impact of urine leakage on clothing and the surrounding environment.

Incontinence underwear can provide some help for postpartum urine leakage or incontinence problems. Our incontinence underwear does not contain harmful substances, and it has the fabric qualification certificate.

How do incontinence pants work?

In order for the pants to absorb pee quickly and keep you dry, the underwear typically has multiple ultra-thin absorbent fabric layers in the gusset.Our incontinence underwear has four layers of moisture wicking cotton, absorbent fabric, odor-proof lining and leak-proof layer.

incontinence underwear

Are these incontinence underwear really worth a try?Yes. If you are looking for an easy, eco-friendly way to prevent leaks, pee-proof pants can be a great option.

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