AHP materials in sustainable reusable menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimwear

AHP is the abbreviation of Super Absorbent Polymer, and its Chinese translation is super absorbent resin. This polymer compound has powerful water-absorbing properties and is widely used in sustainable incontinence diapers, menstrual period panties, and menstrual period swimwear.

Source of AHP: AHP is usually a synthetic material, mainly polymerized from monomers such as sodium acrylate. These superabsorbent polymers quickly absorb and hold large amounts of liquid in water. Therefore, the common incontinence diapers we see in daily life are also made of this material. This material is used in incontinence diapers and can absorb liquid very well and ensure that it will not leak out.

incontinence underwear


Characteristics of AHP: AHP is highly water-absorbent, and its molecular structure can form a gel-like substance that effectively locks in moisture and prevents leakage.

In sustainable incontinence diapers, menstrual period swimwear, and menstrual period underwear, AHP is usually used as the main component of the water-absorbent layer, responsible for quickly absorbing and locking body fluids and preventing leakage. Because ATP can form a gel-like substance, it can adapt to different shapes of products, ensuring comfort and fit.

The application of AHP in sustainable incontinence diapers, period panties, and menstrual period swimwear enables these products to better meet the needs of users. People with urinary incontinence can wear our sustainable incontinence diapers, and some women may have postpartum problems. In the event of urine leakage, our incontinence diapers can absorb our fluids very well.

incontinence underwear

Moreover, we will also follow the concept of sustainable development and choose biodegradable AHP. Biodegradable AHP can decompose under certain conditions and reduce the impact on the environment. This is in line with the need for sustainability, especially in single-use hygiene products, to reduce the burden on the environment. Click https://www.hongyiundies.com/ to learn more about period panties.

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