The UPF protection of our sustainable menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimsuits

What is UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor)?

The full name of UPF is Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is ultraviolet protection factor. It is a measure of a fabric’s ability to block ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA) and is commonly used to evaluate the level of UV protection in sun protective clothing and other textiles. The higher the UPF value, the stronger the fabric’s ability to block ultraviolet rays.For example, UPF 50 fabric blocks 98% of the sun’s rays, allowing only 2% to pass through, significantly reducing the risk of exposure.

Some menstrual period panties use advanced UPF technology to ensure that they provide efficient UV protection while still remaining breathable and comfortable. This means you can enjoy a high level of protection during your period without having to worry about discomfort.Our menstrual period panties not only focuses on UPF protection, but also has a leak-proof design to provide women with more security. The combination of UPF technology and leak-proof design creates a fully protective menstrual panty for users, allowing them to feel confident during a variety of activities.

period panties

period panties

Some menstrual period swimsuits feature high-tech UPF protection technology to protect you from UV rays while swimming. This is especially important for women who enjoy outdoor water sports, so they can enjoy water sports while protecting their skin from UV rays.The UPF protection of period swimsuits not only focuses on function, but also on comfort. The close-fitting design ensures UV protection while also providing users with a comfortable wearing experience.

period swimwear

Overall, the UPF protection technology of these menstrual products provides women with more comprehensive care that not only focuses on skin health, but also takes into account the user’s comfort. The introduction of UPF technology makes menstrual period underwear and menstrual period swimsuits safer and more comfortable choices during special periods and outdoor activities.To learn more about menstrual period panties and menstrual period swimsuits, click


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